Should methane leaks be of greater concern than fracking?


There is emerging evidence that the far more alarming issue around the natural gas boom in the country is less about fracking (yes, there was some contaminated ground water that you could ignite when it came out of the sink like in the documentary, but of late fracking wells are now constructed more safely, so the argument goes) and much more about methane leaks from the mining of natural gas.  Unburned methane that enters the atmosphere is far worse for global warming than carbon dioxide.  Very interesting article on this by 538:

Before this Ryder Cup is over and forgotten…

Here is a photo of a ball Sergio Garcia threw to the crowd that I was fortunate to retrieve, after he won a match at the 2004 Ryder Cup competition at Oakland Hills Country Club, outside of Detroit; have no idea why he had a blue Smurf-like (or not) character stamped on both sides of his ball (now fading),

but saw the SAME imprint during a closeup of his ball on a putting green the next week during a PGA event on TV.  A curious thing!  I’ve always wondered about that imprint!  Can’t find anything on Google, other than Sergio now plays with balls made by TaylorMade.

Kinglets already?!


The march of time just never lets up, does it?  And now, it’s heading into one of my favorite time/place combos on the planet: early Fall in the Great Lakes.  All the usual suspects have yet again arrived on the scene:  shorter days, cooler nights, Packers games, and the near constant presence of ‘migration’, whether it be Monarch butterflies, or dragonflies, including of course the arrival of certain birds — White-crowned Sparrow and Ruby-crowned Kinglet (yesterday, feeding in one of many awesome warbler flocks at Lake Park), for example — that remind me that yes, once again, we’re transitioning.  I must admit, there is a cadence and rhythm to this part of the seasonal cycle that I find very calming, on these days that start with often cloudless, clear skies and much more often than not end with brilliant, golden sunsets.  Sometimes for 8, 9, 10+ days in a row.

Yard Bird Summary - Our version of a bluebird trail had mixed results this year, no doubt hindered by the setting up of most posts and boxes in late May and early June, hardly ideal for optimal breeding success.  A couple of boxes had Eastern Bluebirds, a couple had Tree Swallows, but the big winners were the three boxes which had House Wrens, resulting in 5 or 6 successful broods.  I mean, by the end of the summer, House Wrens were everywhere!  The big box, set up in June hoping to attract the Kestrel that had previously hung out for a week hunting from the telephone line that crossed through the front field, instead was the summer home for House Sparrows.  Have high hopes for future years.  

Over a 24 hour period last week, we had three new yard birds, now at 154: a skulking Black-billed Cuckoo in a dogwood, American Black Duck (great look at dusk of three flying over the fields) and Great Egret (again, flying over the fields, in the bright morning sky).

 (Photo from Google Images)

Northern Ireland

The Ireland golf trip has headed way north, with high temps and no rain - I wore shorts today.  After golf, we visited Giant’s Causeway, a fascinating area on the coast of thousands of basalt columns, remaining after an ancient volcanic eruption.  Other photos of golf these past few days, including playing a course, The European Club, that had the longest green in the world - 128 yards!








Well, it took 20 years since I started playing, but got my first hole-in-one yesterday - at The Island Golf Club in Ireland!  Number 9 hole, 145 yards.  Hearing the hoopla, the club’s manager, Maurice O’Meara, came out and graciously presented me with their club golf flag:

So far weather has been fantastic as we play courses in both Ireland and Northern Ireland (first photo Port Stewart today):

Great day in Ireland today, visiting west coast, including Galway, and the cliffs of Moher.  We came upon across a couple after hearing some applause - the guy had just proposed and she had accepted!  Photo is her checking out the rock!  Overheard:  ”Do you like it?”  ”I LOVE it!”  And later - a bride and groom, with their photographer, scoping out the ‘perfect’ shot!

Propeller Health Raises $14.5M in Series B Financing

Originally called Asthmapolis when launched in Madison in 2010, I’ve been the lead angel investor and a board member these past three and a half years.  With the new financing, I’ll be leaving the board, which admittedly is a bummer.  But the ride continues.  More on the news here.

Paris!  First photo is truly midnight in Paris, with backstory that we’ll always remember with a laugh.  Over the four days:  evening ascent to top of Eiffel Tower, Palais Garnier opera house, Notre Dame, shopping, meal at one-star Cobea.

So long Cote d’Azur!  Thanks Ed and Nonie, for six super fun days exploring (Chagall Museum, Ephrussi de Rothschild Villa & Gardens, antiquing in old town Nice), exercising (outer path around Cap Ferret, hike up mountain at Beaulieu-sur-Mer), and eating great food (duck confit cooked by Ed, Gypsy/Latin/go figure Night in the local town park, and at Anjuna on water’s edge in Eze).  Hard to leave yesterday - can there be a better view out the window of a 3-star hotel in all of Europe?

Yesterday visit to Cannes (first photo) and Antibes, and today a boat trip on the Cote d’Azur, including to the Monte Carlo harbor.